Death and grief are facts of life that we often do not know how to cope with. Every individual handles them differently. Practical aspects involve making decisions and choices on behalf of family and friends. At the time of a death people have a need to do the right thing in making funeral arrangements. The following information may help you make an informed choice.      
  Final Disposition  
  This is the term that is used for describing what happens to the physical body following death. The way in which the deceased will be cared for, as decided by the family, can be done by one of two ways Burial or Cremation.  
  Service of Remembrance  
  Regardless of which final disposition method is chosen, it is important to have a Service of Remembrance. These are important gatherings of family and friends that provide the opportunity to pay tribute to a unique life. A Service of Remembrance helps survivors face the reality of death which is the first step toward dealing with grief. It also brings friends and family members together to lend support and consolation when they are most needed.  
  Earth burial, or interment, is the most widely used form of final disposition in Alberta. The body must be buried in an approved cemetery, placed in a casket, lowered into the ground and covered with earth. Another method is where the casket may be placed in an outer container (Vault) constructed of concrete or wood. Quality vaults prevent outside elements from entering the casket and its contents as well as preventing the grave from excessive settling. Some cemeteries require the use of a vault for perpetual care.  
  Cremation is the process of reducing the deceased's body to bone fragments through intense heat in a high technology cremation chamber. It takes from two to three hours to complete this process where in temperatures reach approximately 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. After cooling the remaining bone fragments are further reduced. For an average-sized adult there will be five to seven pounds of cremated remains.  
  The Aftercare Assistance Program  
  Our Mission:
To ensure complete satisfaction of the Funeral Service that was provided to each and every family we serve and to assist our families with a guide in handling the estate affairs.

Our Services Are:
- Follow up from the funeral service, ensuring complete satisfaction with all the services that were provided.
-Reviewing of our Privacy Policy in protecting the famly's personal information.
-Reviewing the Summary of Benefits and ensuring the family is aware of any possible financial assistance available including Canada Pension Death Benefit of up to $2500, Survivor Pension and Children's Benefit.
-Certifying, filing and registering the necessary paperwork for these benefits.
-Reviewing possible grief counseling resources available in the community and online.
-When requested, three month follow up phone call to the family to confirm that all filings concluded correctly and they have no more questions.

We would like our families to know that the support that we provide does not always conclude at the funeral service and we are still here to guide and assist them even after the funeral is over.

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